Self-service opening hours at the library

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The library now offers self-service opening hours, Meröppet in Swedish, to LiU students and faculty/staff. This means the libraries at Campus Norrköping and Campus US will be open to LiU students and faculty/staff outside of ordinary openings hours even when the library is un-staffed. Special arrangements for access apply on the Medical library, see under rules below.

To enter the library, visitors must swipe their LiU card and use their pin code at the reader just outside the library entrance. This service applies only to members of the LiU community, the entry is individual, no unauthorized persons should be let in. Campus security guards will do regular rounds and check ID:s. Special arrangements for access apply on the Medical library, see under rules below.

The self-service hours are available at: Library self-service hours

Rules during self-service hours

Of course, all regular library rules apply during self-service hours, with some additions:

  • Visitors use their own LiU-card to enter.
  • You may not let anyone else in.
  • Use the machines to check out and return books.
  • The zoning for noise levels must be observed, as well as the general library rules, which are displayed by the check-out machine.
  • Printing, scanning, and copying service is available.
  • Digimaker and the terrace cannot not be used.
  • Group study rooms are free to use but cannot be booked.
  • To  get entry to the Medical Library during self-service hours you must be a student at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Campus US or registered for a course given there. As employee you must have your work place at Campus US.

What if there is a problem?

When the check-out machine is out of order or loan is denied, books must not be taken out of the library. Leave the book in the library and contact the staff during regular opening hours.

When the book return machine is out of order, books shall be returned in the book drop outside the library. 

Security and safety

Campus security guards can be reached on tel: 013 –  28 58 88

In an emergency like fire, accident or threat contact 112

Written by  Britt Omstedt, Librarian, Campus Norrköping library

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