Urkund becomes Ouriginal

**Detta blogginlägg är även tillgängligt på svenska**

During 2020, the merger of Urkund and PlagScan resulted in Ourginal, a plagiarism detection software that is now replacing Urkund.

The launch of Ouriginal on 1 March 2021 does not entail any major changes. As previously with Urkund, teachers at LiU can access Ourignal via Lisam, LiU:s learning platform. If you are teaching at LiU and are not using Lisam, you can have an account at Ouriginal, which can be provided by the Library. If you want an account, just email us at biblioteket@liu.se.

Please note that if you already have an Urkund account, it is still valid for accessing Ourignal.

Further information

Ouriginal’s website

Guides & tutorials

Tools against plagiarism (Linköping University Library)

FAQ & Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Email: support@ouriginal.com

Phone: +46 8 738 52 10

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