Digital exhibition – testing at LiUB!

**This blog post is also available in Swedish**

On March 16, 2020, Linköping University activated distance mode for all students and employees due to the corona pandemic. For us working at LiU, one of the outcomes was that we have been more digitalized than ever, and also got the chance to try new ways of working.

For some time, Linköping University Library has been producing exhibitions, both big and small. During the distance mode, we started to think about going digital also with our exhibitions.

A digital exhibition can be produced in different ways. We decided to try Sway in this project, which is an easy and interactive program to handle presentations with text and photos. Our aim was to learn more about the creative process when doing a digital exhibition, and the distance mode itself became the subject of this our first experiment.

The theme of the exhibition is the everyday and working life of a selection of LiU employees during the spring of 2020.

Many thanks to those who contributed!

The presentation is mainly visual but texts are in Swedish only.

Written by: Maria Svenningsson, Valla Library

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