Alumni information seeking in working life

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Finding information in your working life

As a recent or not so recent LiU Alumn you have already noticed that all the fantastic information resources that the University library makes accessible to you is no longer as easily available to you outside of our campuses. Do not despair, there are ways to reach freely available resources of high quality.

If you are still in Sweden, all Swedish university libraries, and their resources in the form of journals and databases, are open to the public on a “walk-in-basis” once you have registered for a library card.  If you don’t have a university nearby your local public library can  help you get an inter-library loan from a university library.

If you don’t have time to leave your office there are other solutions and the Survival guide below can be your map.
                                                                                                                                                                One way to access publications is to install Unpaywall which helps you localize free versions of articles you find using Google scholar. Depending on your discipline search in PubMedCentral or Arxiv.

LiU’s repository DiVA, where our researchers register and publish the results of their research, is still available to you of course. In the national version of DiVA you can find research results from most Swedish universities and some research institutes such as Sw. Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Sw. Environmental Protection Agency, Sw. Transport Administration and Sw. National Road and Transport Research Institute.
Everything published and printed in Sweden is registered in the national catalogue Libris where you also find reports and publications from government agencies and research institutes often as pdf:s in full text.

Kajsa Gustafsson Åman, Senior librarian, head of Campus Norrköping library

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