Publish for free in Springer Nature OA-journals. New deal.

LiU-researcher publishing in Springer-Nature OA-journals? Congratulations! APCs are covered via a national deal for close to 600 journals. The deal runs until December 2021.

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The deal covers publications in almost all pure (gold) OA-journals from Springer Nature, including journals such as Nature Communications and Scientific Reports. The deal also includes a number of journals from the imprints BioMed Central, SpringerOpen journals och Nature Research.

This particular deal do not include so-called hybrid publishing (when you pay extra to make an article OA in a subscription journal). That is included in another deal. Are you unsure whether or not your journal is included? Contact us at 

In order to get your APCs paid for, it is crucial that you remember to:
* state your affiliation as Linköping University
* state that you are the corresponding author
* state that you use your @liu email adress

Nature Springer identifies you as a LiU-researcher and the LiU-library verifies it. In other words, you do not have to do anything extra except give the “correct” contact information. Half of the publication fee will be paid by LiU, half by the research funders VR, Formas, Forte and Vinnova.

Open access is growing increasingly important in the publication landscape. States and research funder are backing the principle that access to research is vital from a democracy perspective. The majority of research today is still behind paywalls and thus not accessible for taxpayers without university connections. OA is thus important, but it is hard to change the publication system since it consists of large corporations profitting from  library subscriptions. Deals such as Springer Nature Fully Open Access contributes to a publication system where research get to be read and researchers do not have to  pay APCs.


Written by Johanna Nählinder, co-ordinator of research support, LiUB.


P.S: have you submitted to a non-Springer Nature OA journal? We still have OA- support!
PP.S: OA= open access; APC= author publication charges: a type of publication fees


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