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The library can as of december 18th 2020 no longer financially support OA-publication of books

Let’s take the most important thing first: LiU Library temporarily offers support for publication in open access journals. Now we are expanding our support to include books as well. If you have a book under publication and get the  opportunity to publish it open access, the library can help in paying the author fee.

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Open access is an important societal challenge. The latest government bill on research  ”Kunskap i samverkan” (2016/17: 50),  stresses the objective to make all scientific publications that result from publicly funded research immediately open access. This will benefit innovation, competitiveness and strengthen the public sector.

Whereas article open access are well on the way, this is not the case with books. Plan S mention books in its seventh principle: “The above principles should apply to all types of scholarly publications, but it is understood that the timeline to achieve Open Access for monographs and book chapters will be longer and requires a separate and due process.” Thus, other processes are required to increase the open access book publication.

It is a bit more complicated with open access for books than for scientific articles. Many books are actually already open access:
* Many books are freely available and downloadable online, often as  pdf documents. Some of these are available open access only. See, for example, books written by Jan Kjellgren and by (ed) Lotta Gröning & Elin Wihlborg. Do not forget the dissertations freely  available in full text in DiVA  –  3109 and counting!

*Some open access books are also sold as tanglibe books.  Open access is a real challenge for this market. When it is possible to publish such a book open access, it is often associated with high costs. An example of a book that is available in both physical and electronic open access format is “Glocal Pharma” by Ericka Johnson, Ebba Sjögren and Cecilia Åsberg.

Written by Johanna Nählinder, co-ordinator of research support, LiUB, as part of OA-Week2019


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