Do you have a reading impairment?

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If you are a student with a reading impairment, you can get access to talking books and other support from the Library. In this interview with Åsa Falkerby and Solveig Lundin, two librarians who help students with reading impairment to access Legimus, we talk about the increasing demand for talking books and what is required to get a Legimus account as a student.

In the interview, it was described how reading impairment is a rather wide concept which many students recognize and identify themselves with. According to Åsa and Solveig, many students describe how they experience a lack of focus and difficulties to concentrate when reading lengthier texts. For the same reason, the demand for talking books has increased in recent years.

Today, many beginner university students do not always seem to be used to reading advanced, longer texts. As discussed during the interview, it sometimes may appear as if many students are more used to acquire knowledge by way of audiovisual media from school. During the interview, we asked ourselves whether this could pose a challenge when these students enter university.

What is required to get access to talking books?

To receive a Legimus user account, you must experience reading difficulties which are not merely due to the unfamiliarity with reading. The kind of reading impairment that warrants a Legimus account for talking books, are dyslexia and various neuropsychiatric diagnoses as well as visual impairment (read more: About reading impairment).

If this applies to you, do not hesitate to take part of the support that is available to you. It is a good idea to find out what course literature you will need as soon as possible and explore the various tools you can use to facilitate your studies, Åsa and Solveig point out.

Contact the library

You are welcome to contact us via email to consult one of our special needs librarians. Please describe your reading difficulties as clear as you can since this will allow us to better estimate your needs. As Åsa and Solveig explain, you will get to meet us at the library for more information about how Legimus works. The library also wishes to highlight TorTalk, which is a practical and simple to use application for reading scientific articles out aloud on your computer.


By: Cia Gustrén, librarian, Campus Norrköping Library