New open access agreement with Elsevier

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What does this mean for you as a researcher?

From January 2020 you can publish your research open access in Elsevier journals, including Cell Press, and learned society journals. Without any cost. We have also regained reading access to Elsevier journals and you no longer need to use GetItNow or interlibrary loan to get access. Read the press release!

(CLARIFICATION 191203: To publish articles open access without cost, articles must be submitted after 1 January 2020. Hybrid articles in the Lancet family of journals and some learned society journals aren’t covered under the agreement.)

After one and a half years without reading access to any of Elsevier’s journals, Sweden has signed a so-called transformative agreement with the publisher. From January 2020 the library covers all costs for publishing open access in the majority of the publisher’s journals – both hybrid and pure open access. This means that LiU researchers can publish freely without paying a single dime. Publishing under this model is compliant with funder requirements for open access.

During the summer of 2018, negotiations with Elsevier fell apart. Sweden was one of a number of countries that terminated their relationship with the publisher. The reason was that the parties were unable to agree on the matter of open access publishing.

When an increasing number of researchers publish open access, we pay less to access research hidden behind paywalls. Simultaneously, we pay an increasing amount for LiU publishers to cover their article processing charges. This means a transfer of costs from reading to publishing, solving the issue of paying for openly accessible research.


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Written by Tanja Blixt, librarian at the Acquisitions Department 

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